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Welcome to the captive insurance website for The Deaton Law Firm, PLLC.  We are attorneys who can help you create captive insurance legal structures and entities.

Captive Insurer Formation

We can represent you when creating a new captive insurer or when redomesticating an existing captive insurer to North Carolina. Our firm can create for you a pure captive insurance corporation or limited liability company; a special purpose captive insurer; a protected cell captive insurer; or a protected or an incorporated cell for a protected cell captive insurer. If you need more information as to what these terms means, or which type of captive insurer may fit your needs, please schedule a consultation.

Resident Director and Manager Services

The North Carolina Captive Insurance Act requires that all North Carolina captive insurers maintain a director (if a corporation) or manager (if a limited liability company) resident with the state. Because many of our clients do not live within the state, we offer resident director and manager services for our client, on an annual contractual basis. We also offer, for a separate fee, registered agent services for our clients.

Regulatory and Advisory Services

Once we have helped create your captive insurer, we remain at your service for your further needs. We stand ready to further assist you when the need arises with your captive insurer, whether to assist with regulatory compliance, to help draft insurance policies for you, or to assist you in more generalized business legal needs.
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