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Protected Cell liabilities — is the core protected from the cells?

It is generally said of protected cell companies and their protected cells that statutorily, no protected cell’s assets may be used to satisfy the liabilities of any other protected cell, and further, that no protected cell’s assets may be used to satisfy liabilities of the...


This blog post is short, and is directed primarily to captive managers and/or owners or operators of protected cell captive insurance companies. You should be aware that in running a protected cell company, you must provide third parties with whom you transact business certain...

North Carolina Captive Insurance Association 2016 conference from August 22-24

We are gearing up for the 2016 NCCIA conference, which will be held next week at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte.  If you’re interested in attending and have not registered, click here to go to the Association website. If you are a captive manager or professional service...

New Captive Legislation being considered

North Carolina’s General Assembly appears on its way to making some positive changes to its captive legislation. You can read more about them in a good article here.

Now is the time to redomesticate/onshore your captive insurers to North Carolina

Last fall, I wrote this blog article about the potential benefits of redomesticating a captive insurer.  The captive season is starting to gear up and I have been getting a number of queries about not only setting up new captives but helping to redomesticate or...

Interview in the Captive Insurance Times with Debbie Walker of NCDOI

The Captive Insurance Times recently published an interview with Debbie Walker, with the NCDOI Captive Division, about North Carolina’s rise in captive insurance prominence.  You can review it here for free:        

North Carolina captive licensing grows

A link to the story can be found here.

Captive Insurance Eligibility Excluded in Final FHFA Rule

Captive insurers will no longer be admitted to FHLBank membership:    

Proposed 831(b) legislation

Congress is currently considering large changes to Section 831(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, which could have far-reaching effects on micro-captives.  While I’m not ready to comment on the proposed changes, I thought it would be helpful to provide below a redline copy of...